About Us

The cellphone industry, which began in 1997, created a trend in society. Everyone wants to know information about the development of cellphones. As a rising industry, the use of mobile phones has experienced tremendous growth along with the start of affordable mobile phone prices on the market.

The MARWAHQU website was first launched as a medium of information about telecommunications that immediately received tremendous welcome, both from readers and from the industry.

In the midst of the competition of similar media which began hard, the website MARWAHQU made efforts to improve in the form of adding categories. Until now the MARWAHQU website has consistently provided information on the mobile industry.

And, in order to strengthen its footing in the telecommunications media industry, the Website is designed to be more modern, fresh and dynamic as you see now. The appearance of the site is responsive in adjusting the screen of the device used, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Content richer and more local news. Readers can also share articles they like on social media more easily.

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