Beginner Youtubers Not Artists

Beginner Youtubers Not Artists

Beginner Youtubers Not Artists – Youtubers, is a term for someone who creates creative content on the YouTube channel consistently. Usually YouTubers create a variety of content for example about hobbies, sports, automotive, and others in order to get subscribers.

For you beginner Youtubers, there are a number of tips for quickly getting subscribers. Following the review.

Take Care of YouTube Like Planting

For beginner Youtubers you should take good care of their accounts properly. Like planting, requires fertilizer, watering, and cleaning.

“Like a plant, if you just leave it it will not grow well. It grows but is slow. Our plants are watered every day, we fertilize, we take care of it, cleaned from the grass, the same as YouTube. Like a sampean account (you) are still new, still a beginner,”

Must Be Active

For beginner YouTubers, you must be active. Do not just make a video and then just leave it.

Diligent Watch YouTube

The quick way to get the next subscriber is quite easy. You must be diligent in watching YouTube from another account. Watching the property of fellow beginners, as well as a well-known account.

Leave often comments

For beginner YouTubers, you must leave comments on videos belonging to other YouTube accounts, especially fellow beginners. Make sure the sentences are always different. Frequently comment on many other accounts and videos to be better known.

No Begging Subscribe to Other YouTubers

You should not beg for subscriptions through comments on other accounts. Do not use the sentence to subscribe back. Worry will make others uncomfortable.

No Begging Subscribe to a Large Account

How to get the next many subscribers, make sure not to request through comments on a large YouTube account. Because large accounts focus more on the number of viewers and ignore other accounts that ask to be subscribed.

Distribute Video to Other Social Media

Beginners can spread YouTube videos on several social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatApp. This is to support the number of viewers and as an introduction.

Attend Audience

Focus on finding customers as viewers to be interested in your videos. Be yourself, because that will be more appreciated by others and more attractive.

Learn from YouTube

Expand to learn from other YouTube accounts. Now many video tutorials have been made to increase subscribers. Watch and learn one by one the tips they offer.

No Register First It’s OK

If you’re still confused, a beginner YouTuber doesn’t need to register first. Most importantly, the email account has entered and uploaded a video on YouTube.

Meet YouTube’s Requirements

After you join YouTube, to get a lot of subscribers, you must be able to meet the requirements that YouTube needs. Uploaded videos can get 4 thousand hours of broadcast.

Always Active

Make sure you are always active on YouTube, as mentioned before, through comments and watching. So someone will come to your video and add to the 4 thousand hour target.

Make lots of videos

Make lots of videos to upload. Within a day can upload 5 to 6 videos. Like people selling, if the first and second videos have few viewers, there are still fourth and fifth videos that push up the target audience.