How to Become a YouTuber for Beginners and Register Google Adsense

How to Become a YouTuber for Beginners and Register Google Adsense

How to Become a YouTuber for Beginners and Register Google Adsense – How to become a YouTuber for beginners is quite easy, but must be done according to the steps. Deciding a career as a Content Creator at YouTuber certainly must be accompanied by determination and careful preparation. Moreover, if you want to make it a main job.

Many people think that the job of being a YouTuber is only limited to recording videos, editing, uploading, and receiving payments. However, it turns out that this work is not as simple and easy as that.

YouTuber itself is a term for someone who creates creative content on the YouTube channel consistently. Previously, YouTube was considered only as a hobby or sideline, but now Youtube has become one of the promising jobs.

How to become a Youtuber for beginners must be done wholeheartedly if you want to succeed. There is no success without hard work. Therefore, you must prepare all the things needed in order to become this YouTuber.

Make a Youtube Channel

The first way to become a youTuber is to create an account first. Before creating a Youtube channel, you must have a Google account. You do this by opening the Gmail site and follow the steps to register it.

Next, then you can create a YouTube channel. You can use your personal name or the name that represents the contents of the contents as the name of your Youtube channel. After that, then you can upload Youtube content.

Determine the Theme of Content

The way to become the next YouTuber is to determine the theme of the content or contents of your YouTube channel. There are various kinds of content that you can make choices. Starting from game content, food, traveling, fashion, cooking content, and others.

Filling your YouTube channel with interesting content will make people often visit the videos that you upload. This will certainly make your channel more known to many people. Make content that you like to make videos easier and more fun.

Prepare Tools for Creating Content

One of the things that really needs to be prepared as a way to become a YouTuber is to prepare tools for creating content. This visiting tool is certainly very important in producing quality content or videos.

In addition to the main equipment such as cellphones or computers or cameras, you need other supporting tools needed in accordance with the theme of the YouTube channel.

Share Content Through Social Media

As a beginner YouTuber, the content that you create will certainly not be immediately watched by many people. To bring the audience, you can use various social media that you have to promote it.

The next way to become a YouTuber is to share videos that have been uploaded to your social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so people know that you have created content. By sharing content on social media, your friends will naturally watch the content that you create.

Maximize the Number of Subscriber

After the content that you create is watched by many people, sometimes someone will comment or ask about the videos. one way to become the next YouTuber is to respond to various comments from subscribers. You can reply to comments or like the comments.

The response given is a form of indirect communication between YouTuber and the audience. By building communication like this, your YouTube channel can be preferred, the number of subscribers will increase by itself.

In addition, you can also increase the number of subscribers by giving a giveaway for your subscriber. Not only to increase the interest of people to visit your YouTube channel, this is also an appreciation for the viewers who have faithfully watched your work. This giveaway doesn’t need to be expensive, especially if you’re a beginner YouTuber.

Uploading Content Consistently

The next way to become a YouTuber is to upload content consistently. Consistency in making and uploading videos is very important. The more often you make videos, the more often your YouTube account appears on the homepage of this page. Especially for people who have watched videos uploaded before.

Although the content created is less interesting, there will be people who are curious and click on the video that you make. With consistency, the number of visitors will increase by itself, because they appreciate your efforts in making videos.

Enter YouTube Video Manager Settings

After knowing how to become a YouTuber, of course you also need to recognize how to register Google Adsense in order to have income from this job.

If you already have a Google account and YouTube channel, you can register for Google Adsense. The steps that must be taken are the video manager settings in your account. Will appear in the upper right corner of the profile picture, then search for and click on ‘Creator Studio’. The ‘Create a Channel’ display will appear.

Upload Video

Furthermore, don’t forget to upload videos to your YouTube account at least three to five videos. Videos must be original homemade and make interesting content so that many people like and subscribe. Also pay attention when uploading videos, select the video title and video description and tags that match the video that you uploaded.

Enable YouTube Monetation

Select the ‘Creator Studio’ menu, then enter the ‘Channels – Status and Features’ menu. There is a ‘Monetization’ column then select ‘Activate’. Then put a checklist in all available column boxes, then click ‘I Agree’.

Put a checklist in the box and click ‘Monetize’. You are almost done creating an Adsense account and the video sent is under review by Google Adsense.

Associate YouTube Adsense

Click ‘Monetize’, then click ‘How I Will Be Paid’ and click ‘Link Your Adsense Account’. Then you can click on the ‘Next’ option. Then fill in the data, not to the origin of the data contents when registering Adsense on Youtube. Then select ‘Submit My Request’.

Place Ad Units on YouTube

You will receive an e-mail regarding the status of the submission within approximately a week. Later, if the AdSense application is received, you will get a notification letter sent to the e-mail address.

Enjoy the Best Deals from Google

By reading the reviews provided, you will be more eager to find revenue from Google. Getting income from Google is not something that is impossible. As long as you do it diligently and consistently, you will be able to enjoy the benefits.