How To Get Money From The Internet

How To Get Money From The Internet

How To Get Money From The Internet – Getting income from the internet is not too difficult. Many people have made hundreds of millions of rupiah from their online activities. You can also achieve the same success. Originally, you know how to get money from the right internet.

The thing to remember, because this is a way to get money online, you clearly need the presence of a website. The website will support the efforts you make to earn income. Therefore, the website is a means of building a trusted online reputation for the long term.

Join Affiliates

Simply stated, affiliation is a joint promotion and sale of a product. You will get a reward in the form of commission for each product sold. The basic principle is revenue sharing.

It can be said that affiliation is a way to get money from the internet without capital. Because, almost all affiliate programs allow you to join for free.

To get money from affiliates, you need to register an affiliate program first. Abroad, a popular program is Amazon Affiliates. In Indonesia, you can join the Indonesian Affiliate Program without registration fees.

After registering, you will get a referral banner or coupon code. You can share it with others. It can be to your website visitors or followers on social media.

When someone uses your link and makes a product purchase, you will get a commission.

In general, affiliates can show results relatively quickly. In fact, in the Indonesian Affiliate Program, you can make a fund search (payout) with at least 2 active sales only!

So, choosing the right affiliate program is important. And a good affiliate program has the following characteristics:

  • Favorable commission.
  • Timely payment.
  • Registration is easy to do.

Opened an Online Store

Opening an online store can be a way to get money from the internet. Especially, if you have a quality product.

An online store is a website that displays a variety of products for sale. Online stores also include features that facilitate purchase transactions. Each payment can be made automatically through a payment gateway. Already so, your online store can continue to open for 24 hours.

Online stores also offer a wider audience reach. Unlike the case when you sell products offline with a limited market. In addition, the cost of managing an online store is much smaller.

The next stage, do the online store settings, starting from determining the type of payment received to the rules of shipping goods.

After that, add the product that you sell, complete with the description. To facilitate buyers, you can also arrange them in several categories.

Thus, you are ready to sell products online. To increase sales, don’t forget to learn the right digital marketing techniques.

Also, pay attention to the features of your online store for quick success. Key features that must be present include:

  • User friendly and mobile responsive.
  • Promo page.
  • Payment gateway.

Create a Blog

Blogging is no longer just a hobby. This activity can be a way to get money from the internet.

The good news, anyone can create and write a blog. Also, there are no standard rules on what topics to write. You are free to write any topic.

To get money from blogging, of course you have to create a blog as a first step. Remember, always make a blog with a hosting subscription. Because, using a free blog has several disadvantages to get money from the internet.

First, almost all free blog platforms forbid you to advertise. Second, the blog platform can delete your blog if it is deemed infringing. That is, you do not have full control over the blog.

Now, if your personal blog is online, continue to the stage of creating interesting content. The more useful the content, the more likely visitors can be obtained.

In order to get more visitors faster, you can learn how to increase traffic appropriately.

  • If these conditions have been achieved, you can start efforts to earn income online. Where have you been?
    Advertisement. You can join Google Adsense. When visitors click on ads posted on the blog, you will get income.
  • Sponsored Posts. You can work with other parties to review a product on your blog.
  • Affiliation. Simply place an affiliate banner on your blog. Then, get a commission every time a visitor clicks on the link.

Well, to be able to build a good blog, we have a few tips for you. First, choose a topic (niche) that you are good at. Second, be active in working with many parties to increase links. Third, learn SEO so you can get visitors faster.

Selling Software

Do you understand coding? Take advantage of these skills as a way to get money from the internet without capital. Armed with a laptop that you have, you can start this way from home.

A software can be made according to the needs of the community such as cashier software. Or, it can start from your personal idea.

Well, how to sell software?

When the software product is finished, you can immediately sell it. Some ways include:

  • Distribute the free version and sell the premium version on your website.
  • Selling it through the App Store according to the operating system (Apple Store, Play Store).
  • Offer a trial version on the website and offer licenses.
  • Selling software with SaaS (Software as a Service) system.
  • Receive requests for special software through the website.

Opened an Online Coaching Service

How to make money from the internet does not have to have capital. You can also offer your services / expertise. One of them, teaching skills.

Online coaching is sharing knowledge online using digital devices.

There is a lot of knowledge / expertise that you can share online. Starting from school subjects, tutorials, to business tips and tricks.

Keep in mind that with a personal website, you can build a better online identity in terms of branding and development efforts.

Teaching sessions in online coaching can be done via video calling using WhatsApp or Skype. Another way is to hold live streaming specifically for members on your website / blog.

In addition to determining the age group and material taught, you can also determine whether to hold a personal session or open a collective class.

If you are interested in using this method, make sure to:

  • Determine the target audience according to your expertise.
  • have teaching facilities that work well (internet, laptops, etc.).
  • manage the teaching schedule properly.
  • quality, complete and unique subject matter.

Creating an Online Course

Similar to online coaching, making online courses also allows you to make money with expertise.

The difference, online courses require that you have a website as a center for online activity and emphasize the provision of interesting teaching material.

To create an online course, you can build a website with the WordPress platform, then install the LMS plugin.

The LMS plugin allows you to easily build online courses on your WordPress website. The features offered are quite complete such as structuring courses, making quizzes, and managing payments.

To achieve optimal results when opening an online course, there are a few tips you need to know:

  • Choose a topic (niche) that you are good at such as coding, design, etc.
  • Make sure the topic is in high demand.
  • Make content interesting and interactive.
  • Provide various types of payments to facilitate consumers.

Selling WordPress Themes and Plugins

The coding ability related to web development is quite potentially used as a way to get money from the internet.

Not only through website creation services, you can also sell WordPress website themes and plugins. In fact, selling a WordPress theme can bring in profits of up to $ 1 million from just one marketplace.

Well, to begin, you can create a variety of themes and plugins that users need. Ensure the best quality you offer. Then, you can sell it through your personal website with a freemium system.

To reach more audiences, you can join several marketplaces such as ThemeForest and TemplateMonster. Then, increase your sales. Some marketplaces will reward you with a tier system based on the number of your sales.

Offering Graphic Design Expertise

Turning a concept into an attractive visual appearance is not easy. Therefore, the expertise of a graphic designer is needed, especially for business purposes.

With the design expertise you have, there are many ways to make money from the internet. Able to share knowledge through online courses.

To make a promotional effort, you can use social media or join a number of freelance platforms to make it easier for clients to find you.

Build a YouTube Channel

Of course, there are many other content ideas that you can use. For example, food and electronic product reviews, or sharing beauty tips.

Apart from sponsors, a YouTuber can earn a lot of income, from advertising to becoming an influencer.

Building YouTube channels is free. You don’t need to think about capital to use this method. Indeed, supporting tools such as cameras and others are needed, but the most important is interesting content. The idea must be unique, it can be entertainment channels, general information, or tutorials.

Selling Products on Dropship

Previously, we had reviewed dropship as a home business idea. In fact, dropship is indeed one way to get money from the internet without capital.

In short, the working principle of dropship is like a reseller, you sell other parties’ products. The difference is, resellers must save goods before resale, dropship is not. Because, all shipments of goods carried by suppliers.

To try out the dropship business, there are a number of steps to be taken:

  • Determine the products to be sold (electronics, cosmetics, etc.).
  • Looking for a supplier with a good reputation.
  • Determine the means of selling (marketplace, personal website, social media).
  • Build your own brand and promote it.

If these steps have been taken, you are ready to sell on a dropship basis.

Become a Freelance Writer

As the name implies, freelance writers work for clients by writing articles related to certain topics.

Being a reliable freelance writer can be a promising way of earning money. One reason is that 91% of companies use content marketing strategies to reach their consumers to increase product sales.

This condition makes the need for quality content increases rapidly. So, the role of the writer becomes very necessary.

Many freelance writers are successful with large income even while still in office work.

However, joining a freelance platform is not enough. You need to build a web portfolio and display your best work. If clients are interested in your abilities, they will contact you through the contact you have provided.

Join the Online Survey Platform

Simply answering a few easy questions, you can earn.

Joining online surveys has indeed become a way to get money from the internet which is starting to become popular. Although this method does not promise results as big as the others, but enough to add to your pocket money.

In addition, companies increasingly need surveys to improve customer satisfaction and obtain various data for product development. That is, online surveys will still be needed.

Some tips if you want to use this method are

  • Choose a trusted survey platform and pay according to the conditions.
  • Consider the time you have because the survey process can be quite long.
  • Don’t use the primary email because it will be flooded with survey offers.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Become a Website Tester

Ever thought of becoming a website tester as a way to make money from the internet?

A website tester is someone who does testing on a website, either before it is launched online or for development purposes.

Today, many platforms are willing to pay you to do website testing. Some examples are User Testing and TryMyUI. The platform has clients with big names like Adobe, Microsoft, and Facebook.

How much do you get? On average you will receive $ 10 for each test you do. However, you can only get up to $ 60 if the testing is done requires high expertise.

To use this method, you can register to one of the platforms and take the test that is given. Unlike online surveys, you can only start website testing after passing the ability test.

So, if you know how a website looks good, has enough English to write a review, this method is worth trying.

Selling eBooks

Armed with expertise in a particular field and good writing skills, you can create your own ebook and sell it.

eBooks are increasingly popular and sales are increasing. In addition, many conventional bookstores have started to provide digital versions of books through the official website.

To sell an ebook, there are a number of steps you need to take:

  • Write topics that are unique but useful.
  • Make an interesting ebook cover.
  • Change it in an online book format, such as PDF, ePub, or MOBI.
  • Selling it through a personal website or marketplace.
  • Carry out promotional efforts through social media.

Selling an ebook is the most important step. If you do it through the WordPress website, use digital sales plugins like Easy Digital Download or Sell Digital Downloads.

When using the marketplace, choose a good platform like Amazon Kindle, or Payhip.

Selling Crafts Online

If you have the expertise to create quality products, don’t hesitate to compete in the global market online. Because, selling handicrafts is a promising way to get money.

To be able to compete, make sure your product is unique and quality. Next, you can start selling your product. Either through your online store website, joining the marketplace or using social media.

If you use social media, you can create interesting content or can prepare a budget for advertising. Facebook ads and Instagram ads can provide good results to increase sales.

When utilizing the marketplace, several international platforms such as Etsy often sell Indonesian products. If you want to try the local market, KuKa can be a good alternative.

Become a Social Media Influencer

As the name implies, an influencer is someone who is able to influence people to buy a product thanks to their expertise or reputation.

You might not realize that being an influencer, especially on social media, is a powerful way to get money from the internet.

In fact, 80% of companies are willing to pay for an influencer because this method is considered effective. If someone matches the target market you want to reach, it’s not uncommon for business people to invite cooperation to market a product.

Interestingly, all social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook have their own audience. So whatever your influencer level, foresight to see the right opportunities and platforms can help success.

If you want to use this method of earning money, you can do the following:

  • Choose a specific topic (niche).
  • Share useful and relevant information.
  • Build communication with the audience.
  • Build a good online reputation.

Selling Digital Photo Works

Almost all digital works have economic value. No exception photo works. So, you can sell your photos to earn money.

Although it is an easy way to get money from the internet, joining Shutterstock is less profitable for beginners. Because the nominal given is quite small. The solution, you can use other platforms such as 500px and Virtual Society that provide greater rates.

Alternatively, you can sell it on your own website. Simply install the Sell Media plugin on your WordPress website and do some settings, you can already create your own stock photo website.

Buy and Sell Domains

Domain is a website address that functions as an online identity.

Especially for business people, the role of the domain is very large for branding. Therefore, many companies are willing to spend a lot of money to get the ideal domain name.

However, there are also those who spend a little money by utilizing domain promos.

This is what is often used to get profits through the business of buying and selling domains or domain flipping. Unmitigated, a domain can be sold many times as happened in The price is translucent at $ 30 million!

If you are interested, this domain flipping can be a way to get money from the internet easily.

The first step, you can buy a domain first. Then display information for sale on the website with the domain. Alternatively, you can join domain buying and selling platforms such as Flippa and Sedo.

To get multiple benefits, here are tips on domain flipping:

  • Choose a specific category that you understand. For example, technology or real estate.
  • Think of a name that has a high sale value before buying it.
  • Check the availability of domains with different extensions.
  • Consider the price when buying a potential domain name.
  • Promote your sales using various media.

Earn Money from Subtitling / Transcription

Transcription is the process of converting conversations in audio / video format to text. If the change is made in a different language, it is called subtitling.

Transcription can be a way to make money from the internet because more and more people need this service. For example, when a company promotes a product through a talk show and requires a text version for publication purposes on the website.

As a first step using this method, you can join transcription platforms such as TranscribeMe and Rev.

Some platforms have different payment methods, can be per project or per week. For the record, subtitling work will bring in much greater income because there is a process of language transfer being carried out.

If you have increased expertise, you can offer transcription services independently through your website. The key is to provide the best results according to the time given and competitive service prices.

Become a ProofReader

You’ve certainly heard the term proofreading, right? A process of checking errors in a document to be ready for publication.

Unlike the more complex editing processes, proofreading focuses more on typo, writing format and grammar. So, if you have the accuracy in making corrections according to good writing standards, you can try this work.

The results obtained can be said to be quite promising. A proofreader can get up to $ 3200 in the first month. That is, proofreading can prove to be a way to get money from the internet quickly.

If you master a foreign language, you can join platforms like Scribendi. Or for greater flexibility and branding, you can use a personal website and communicate directly with your clients. The results obtained are certainly greater.

Entered the Online Design Contest

Have good design skills and want to compete with other designer skills? Some platforms hold various design contests that you can take part in.

Not only to show quality and increase portfolio, taking part in design contests can be a way to get money from the internet.

Some websites often hold contests such as 99designs, LogoMyWay and DesignCrowd. Even some of the contests held by LogoMyWay allow you to earn up to $ 1000 from just one contest.

To enter a contest, you can register for one of the platforms and attach a portfolio. Choose the contest you want to enter and is open to the public. Submit works according to the format requested and wait for the results of the determination of the winners.

To make it easier to win the contest, here are some tips you can do:

  • Get to know the strength of your design skills, whether flat design, 3D or other.
  • Read the contest terms and conditions, especially the format of the work and the deadline.
  • Get to know the competition of a contest.
  • If necessary, submit more than one work.

Become a Data Entry Freelancer

As the name implies, data entry is the work of entering data into a system.

There are quite a lot of data entry jobs, from those that need special skills to simple ones. One example is the captcha entry where you will be asked to work on captcha to use on a website.

We recommend captcha entry as a side job because the results are not as big as some other methods. However, without special qualifications, this work can be done by anyone from home.

The way is, you can simply join one of the platforms like 2captcha and start working on the data entry at the time you want. The money generated from 1000 captcha can reach $ 1 which will go to the registered PerfectMoney account.

Offering word order services

To start this way, of course you must have a good online reputation and be able to show your abilities. Next, determine who will be your target market, be it personal or business. Then, take advantage of your website and social media to start promoting.

Become a Social Media Manager

The ability to manage social media accounts can be a way to make money from the internet. Namely, by becoming a social media manager.

As you know, social media has an important role in helping build online reputation and increase product sales. Not surprisingly, many companies and important figures appoint a manager to manage their official accounts.

Without the need to spend capital, you can join the freelance platform and offer social media account management services. If you want to be more professional, build a portfolio on your website and show the clients you’ve worked with. Certainly will further enhance your reputation.

To be a good social manager, here’s what you need to do:

  • Sharpen your public communication skills, especially in written form.
  • Learn the latest technology and social media management tools.
  • Follow the social media trends, especially from well-known brands.
  • Manage work time well.

Earn Money from Podcasting

Podcasting is sharing audio content online.

Can podcasting be a way to make money from the internet? Can.

Abroad, a successful example of this method is Bill Simmons. The Ringer’s website owner successfully earned revenue from advertising of 15 million dollars in 2018.

Like blogging, podcasting allows you to earn income from advertising, sponsorships, affiliations, donations, and more.

As a first step, you can create a WordPress website and install podcast plugins like PowerPress. Then, you can connect to multiple platforms. For example, Spotify for Podcaster or Google Podcasts.

To build a successful podcast, here are a few tips you need to pay attention to:

  • Choose the topic you like because it will bring advertising.
  • Build a brand from your podcasting activities.
  • Create interesting content with the best audio quality.
  • Grow your audience with the right engagement.

Pursue Cryptocurrency

You certainly know cryptocurrency, right? A technology to facilitate online transactions using digital money.

The popular cryptocurrency is BitCoin. However, there are several others that are also often used for online transactions such as Ethereum, Ripple and LiteCoin.

Because it is considered a future currency, cryptocurrency is used as an effective way to get money from the internet. Even one of the people who succeeded this way, Chris Larsen, had a total income of up to $ 2.1 billion.

How do you get money from cryptocurrency?

First, investment. You can buy it and wait for the right time to sell it again. For example, in early 2010, the price of 1 BitCoin was $ 0.08. Right now, just from checking Google, the price seems to have doubled.

Second, Mining. This process is carried out using a computer to verify transactions that occur on the cryptocurrency network. If it works, you will get a reward. The latest data, that success will give you up to $ 116,250.

Third, Trading. In contrast to investing, you actively see changes in the market every day. If there are advantages to selling cryptocurrency that you have, you can immediately do it.

Become an Online Customer Service

Did you know that being an online customer service can be a promising way to earn money?

In fact, the ease of communication and the rise of online business has caused the need for freelance customer service to increase. Especially considering customer satisfaction is the key to business continuity.

Not surprisingly, freelance platforms like Fiverr often get freelance customer service requests. In fact, LiveOps built a special platform to provide quality online customer service to serve clients from all over the world.

How much income is offered? LiveOps offers income of up to $ 300 / week. Surely it must be supported by good English language skills, huh?

As long as you have good communication skills, fast internet and quiet work space, you can join to get this job.

Creating a Subscription Site (Membership Site)

There are various ways to get money from the internet armed with your knowledge. In addition to opening an online course and becoming an online coach, you can create a subscription site.

A membership site contains many articles with in-depth reviews and provides previews to visitors. If you want to read more fully, visitors must subscribe first.

Creating a membership site is not difficult. You simply install a membership plugin on your WordPress website. Some of the best plugins that can be used free are Ultimate Member and Paid Membership Pro.

Some tips for creating a successful membership site include:

  • Choose topics according to expertise and have a lot of readers (technology, business, etc.)
  • Make it easy for visitors to try with free trial access
  • Give a choice of membership types (full access, per bundle)
  • Provide a variety of content for various types of visitors (pdf, audio, etc.)

Open Website Optimization Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is website optimization so that it ranks top in search engines with the aim of increasing the number of visitors.

For a business website, being in the top position of Google is the same as increasing sales. Unfortunately, not everyone has this optimization ability. Therefore, many website optimization services are needed.

If you have the latest SEO techniques and can help a website reach the top position, you can open a website optimization service. This expertise can be a way to get money from the internet easily.

In fact, the services of an SEO consultant can reach $ 119 / hour.

To get started, you certainly need to have a website to build your business reputation. Then, explain what optimization services you can do to help clients. Then, set competitive prices for each of your services.

Earn Money from Live Streaming Games

You heard it right. Just by relaxing and playing the game and broadcasting it live, you can get income.

Twitch is an interactive live streaming platform used by gamers to share gaming moments. This platform is free but can be a way to get money from the internet.

A successful example of this method is Tyler Blevins, who is able to make $ 500,000 / month from Fortnite’s streaming game activities on his channel. In Indonesia alone there is the name Randi who already has 13 thousand followers from the DOTA 2 streaming game.

There are several ways to earn money from live streaming on Twitch:

  • Donation. You can get donations from your subscribers through PayPal and others.
  • Affiliation. As part of Amazon, selling items through Amazon Affiliates can earn you a commission.
  • Sponsor. If a sponsor is interested, you could be appointed as an influencer to market their products.
  • Merchandise Sales. You can open your own online store with a variety of unique merchandise. Tyler Blevins does this.

Unfortunately, Twitch is less popular in Indonesia because it cannot compete with YouTube. So, if you want to use this method, you can build a Twitch channel with an international audience.

Invented Jingle

Jingle is a song created specifically for product promotion advertisements.

If you have the ability to create songs and music that is enjoyable, you can use jingles to earn money from the internet. Because it is an exclusive work of art, the income you receive can be enormous.

A concrete example of this is Sarah Hughes. This female musician earns up to £ 92,000 in a year from creating jingles. The most interesting, to get these results he only needs to work for 15 hours a week.

Getting income from creating jingles requires some preparation, including:

  • Make as many works as possible and display them on your personal website.
  • Be diligent at promoting your work through social media.
  • Join a special platform for musicians like Taxi or public platforms like Fiverr.

The more often you create good work and have many clients, the easier it is for you to get large projects with lucrative income.

It turns out that there are many ways to get money from the internet? Hopefully the above list can help you find the way that best suits your expertise.

Even without a website can be a way to earn money, having your own website is still the best choice. Not only related to reputation, but also the ease of managing it according to your wishes.

Don’t forget to always follow the right guidelines and tips and be patient to get the results.

Many people use the above methods as their main source of income. But, not infrequently those who still use it as a side business. The decision is back in your hands.

Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to build your online success!