10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPhone SE 2020

Internet Security Firewall: 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPhone SE 2020

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPhone SE 2020

Internet Security Firewall: 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPhone SE 2020 – iPhone has always managed to be the target of many people. The trendy body design, the latest camera performance, and the expensive price often make it a prestigious HP product that can improve one’s social level.

The advantages of the Apple iPhone SE 2020

Because this is an upgrade from the previous iPhone SE, of course you will see various developments in terms of specifications and features. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone SE 2020 does have its own uniqueness compared to other cellphones.

1. The price is affordable for an iPhone

Price is always a consideration when replacing a new cell phone. And of course, consumers only want to buy products when they feel the product is worth the price. With the Apple iPhone SE 2020, you will feel a high value according to what has been paid.

2. Good Performance for Class HP

Even though the price is quite affordable, you will be quite surprised after knowing its charming performance. No half-hearted, Apple A13 Bionic chipset that it carries is even able to compete with various best HP products in the world.

3. Very Good Camera Quality Results

One advantage that has never been absent from an iPhone product is the camera. In fact, the iPhone is most sought after thanks to the camera that is able to provide excellent results from each shot.

Even though it only comes with one rear lens, its ability must not be underestimated. Having a resolution of 12 MP, this lens is able to record 4K video stably thanks to the ability of the Optical Image Stabilizer that it carries. Not only that, the quality of the phone is almost no different from the camera on the iPhone 11.

4. Supports Wireless Charging

The charging feature is always able to add to the appeal of a cell phone. As time goes by, consumers will certainly want to have more options to add power to the device.

5. Carrying a Bright Retina Display

Not the iPhone name if it is not equipped with a bright and quality screen. iPhone SE 2020 brings a retina display in the form of IPS LCD that can refresh your eyes.

Meanwhile, this screen can still be seen clearly even if outside the room during the day. Carrying the True Tone feature, the colors on the screen can be adjusted automatically following the surrounding lighting conditions.

Lack of Apple iPhone SE 2020

After seeing some of the advantages earlier, maybe you immediately think you want to buy it. But, wait a minute. You should also note some of the shortcomings below so you don’t regret it.

1. Small Body Design

Everyone has their own preferences whether they want a large or small cell phone. To be sure, some people agree that a larger screen can provide a better experience playing games and watching Netflix.

The screen size is only 4.7 inches with a body dimension of 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm. If you are turned-off enough about this weakness, there are still many cellphones with a price of Rp. 6 million that have a screen size of 6 inches and above.

2. The Camera Does Not Have a Night Mode Feature

Although previously mentioned the ability of the camera, the iPhone SE 2020 unfortunately can not take pictures in the dark. You can only rely on flash as the main lighting.

However, this flash is certainly not as good as the night mode feature on the iPhone 11 that can shoot at night with the contrast and details that are maintained.

3. There are no FaceID features

For those of you who like more options to unlock the screen, it might be a little disappointed with this cellphone. The reason is, it doesn’t provide FaceID’s ability to unlock the screen using face display.

Though Apple is one of the first manufacturers to introduce this feature. If you are already accustomed to using iPhone output before, maybe the absence of this feature will feel a little awkward.

4. Has Bezel that is Too Large

Bezel is a space or empty space located on the side of the cellphone. If you pay attention to the latest HP trends, all cellphones already have screens that leave almost no free space for the sake of providing optimal immersion when playing games.

Unfortunately, the iPhone SE 2020 has two top and bottom bezels which are quite annoying. This is further compounded by the screen size that is indeed small.

5. Not Available 3.5 mm Jack

iPhone has long since left 3.5 mm connectivity since 2016. Even so, this is quite unfortunate because the previous iPhone SE still provides this connectivity.

If you want to use a normal headset, there is a Lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter that is sold separately. Apple itself actually has a wireless ear-in headset product called AirPods so you don’t need to use an adapter. However, the price is indeed very expensive, especially if you remember that this headset can only be used on Apple devices.

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Phone SE 2020 is not for everyone. In certain sectors, the advantages are quite astonishing. But this is also offset by some weaknesses that could be a deal-breaker for some people.

To be sure, the performance of the chipset that it carries should not be underestimated. It’s really rare for a cellphone to beat a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, this shows how special this phone is.