10 Ways to Prevent and Remove Android Viruses and Malware

Internet Security Firewall: 10 Ways to Prevent and Remove Android Viruses and Malware

10 Ways to Prevent and Remove Android Viruses and Malware

Internet Security Firewall: 10 Ways to Prevent and Remove Android Viruses and Malware – Viruses and malware now do not only infect PC devices. Because the mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets have also begun to be attacked by this parasite. Android is a mobile operating system that has become a target of attacks from viruses and malware.

Here are the characteristics that are usually caused by the two parasites on an Android device:

Internet data usage is excessive.

Most malware is made to steal data from victims, such as contact lists, credit card numbers, and others. After successfully stealing it, this malware will send the data through the internet so that your internet data quota will automatically run out quickly.

Performance is slow.

Because of the many activities carried out by malware, then surely it will make your Android device slow.

The battery runs out quickly.

Android batteries that can run out quickly can be tricked in various ways to save Android batteries. But if your battery turns out to be still wasteful, then maybe malware is the culprit.

Often disconnected when calling.

Broken phone calls due to bad signals are common. But if that happens when your network signal is good, then it could be malware.

The easiest way to remove Android viruses and malware is to install an anti-virus or anti-malware application on your device. Make sure the application that you installed is a trusted application. Here are some applications that are highly recommended for removing viruses and malware on Android.

1. 360 Security

360 Security is a free antivirus application found on PlayStore. In its application, 360 Security is claimed to be able to clean viruses that are lodged in your cellphone. In addition, 360 Security is also claimed to prevent the appearance of viruses by scanning.

2. AVG AntiVirus

Already familiar with this one application? Yes, AVG AntiVirus is not just an Antivirus application that can be used on a PC / Laptop. AVG AntiVirus is now available as an Antivirus application for Android phones. This application can also be downloaded for free.

3. Avast Mobile Security

Besides AVG and 360 Security, you can also use Avast Mobile Security as one of the great AntiVirus applications for Androi’s HP. You can use it to easily prevent and protect your Android phone.

4. Clean Master

The application, which has been downloaded more than 24 million times on Android, also offers a service to protect your Android phone from viruses. In the application, Clean Master users will be facilitated in preventing, protecting, and also cleaning viruses on Android phones.

5. Security Master

Security Master is a free Antivirus application available on PlayStore. In this application, users can save their Android phones from stubborn viruses. Besides that, Security Master is quite easy and very simple to be used by anyone.

How to Prevent Android Viruses and Malware

The only way to keep your Android device safe from viruses is to not download any application, not connect it to computers and other devices, and not use it to browse the internet. This is of course impossible. But there are several effective ways that you can minimize viruses and malware from infecting your Android device.

Read the application review

When you want to install a new application from the Google Play Store, read the review first. If the application has a problem, of course many will give bad reviews of the application.

Check the maker

After reading the review, then you should check whether the application maker is trusted or not. If you doubt it, then you better not install it.

Be careful of third party market applications

Besides Play Store, there are several other Android market applications made by third parties. If an application on the Play Store alone can carry malware, then of course applications in other markets will be far more dangerous.

Do not carelessly give Superuser access

For owners of Android devices that have been rooted, do not ever give Superuser access to applications that you do not really trust because it is tantamount to giving full control of your device to malware.

Perform regular virus and malware scanning

Scanning is a pretty good way to prevent viruses. You can scan using the AntiVirus application. Scanning can also help you to prevent viruses from attacking your Android device.