2 Methods for Setting Outlook Email

Internet Security Firewall: 2 Methods for Setting Outlook Email

2 Methods for Setting Outlook Email

Internet Security Firewall: 2 Methods for Setting Outlook Email – Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as part of the Microsoft Office package. Especially the email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web search.

Microsoft Outlook can be used as a stand-alone email application, or it can be used with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for more than one user in an organization, such as shared inboxes and calendars, Exchange public folders, SharePoint lists, and meeting schedules. Microsoft also has a mobile application that is released for most mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Developers can also create their own special software that works with Outlook and Office components using Microsoft Visual Studio. In addition, Windows Phone devices can synchronize almost all Outlook data to Outlook Mobile.

In March 2020 Microsoft announced the launch of a series of new features to attract business customers from its Team platform. Microsoft ended February with a series of new features for its Team platform. The chat and collaboration modules now include more efficient and more integrated waypoint modules, designed to simplify group work for companies and encourage them to adopt the Microsoft platform, which aims to become a corporate par excellence chat platform. New features, integration of Team and Outlook, which means that users can now move emails. direct conversations from Outlook to Team chat by clicking on the button, but also sharing conversations from Team to email in Outlook. Microsoft also added the ability to assign tags to members of the organization, so users can better target their messages.

Multiple Versions of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has replaced the previous Microsoft scheduling and e-mail program, Schedule + and Exchange Client.

The enduring version of Microsoft Outlook includes:

  • Outlook 97, Included in Office 97 and bundled with Exchange Server 5.0 and 5.5
  • Outlook 98, freely distributed with books and magazines to face the latest Internet standards such as HTML letters. Outlook 98 settings are based on Active Settings which also installs Internet Explorer 4.
  • Outlook 2000, Included in Office 2000 and bundled with Exchange 2000 Server.
  • Outlook 2002, this version is bundled with computer devices that use Windows XP
  • Outlook 2003, Included in Office 2003 (including Standard Edition for Students and Teachers) and bundled with Exchange Server 2003
  • Outlook 2007, Included in Office 2007, except Office Home and Student editions
  • Outlook 2010, Included in Office 2010 Home and Business, Standard, Professional and Professional Plus

In addition to these versions, there are also other versions of Outlook e-mail including: Outlook 2011 for Mac, Outlook 2013, Outlook for Mac, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2019 for Mac, Outlook for mobile and tablet devices

How to Setting Outlook Email

After we install Outlook e-mail (it’s up to any version), it’s likely that it won’t be recognized as the default client. Instead of having to switch to several e-mail programs when handling your e-mail tasks, why not make Outlook stop sending and receiving e-mail?

If you are using Windows 10, you have noticed that it uses the new Mail application as the new default email client. Chances are you are not a big fan of the new default email application, so it can be annoying if directed there every time you click on an email link (MailTo).

If the Outlook account you are using is not recognized as the default e-mail client, you can use two different methods as a way to set up outlook e-mail that will allow you to set it as your default e-mail client. Both of these methods will accomplish the exact same thing, so follow the method that seems more comfortable to you.

Method One: How to Set Outlook Email to Be the Default Email Client Through the Control Panel

  • Press the Windows key + R and type “control panel”. Then press Enter to open
  • Use the search field in the upper-right corner to find the “default program”. Then, double-click on the Default Program.
  • At the bottom of the Email, then you can click the Mail icon.
  • Select the Outlook program from the list and make it the default choice for your e-mail.
  • Then click “Associate a file type or protocol with a program.” As seen in the picture below.
  • Make sure the default Application is selected from the menu under Applications (left side). Scroll down and click Choose default application with protocol.
  • Scroll down in the protocol list until you find the MAILTO entry, then double-click on the section to choose from several options.
  • Select your Outlook program from the pop-up menu.

Outlook is now configured to be your default e-mail client. Now, when you click the email link (MailTo), your email will automatically open in Outlook.

Professional tips: If the problem you are having is on your computer or laptop or notebook, then you can try to use “Reimage Plus” which can scan repositories and replace damaged and missing files. This program will be able to help you in many cases, especially the problems you face are those that occur due to a corrupt system.

Method Two: How to Set Outlook Email As a Default Email Client Through Settings (Settings)

In accordance with the version of Outlook that you use as a way to outlook outlook email settings can be different. The following steps are implemented using Outlook 2016, but if you are using an older version, please refer to the notes section.

  1. Open Outlook and access File then click Options. Note: In Outlook 2017, choose the tool menu> Options and then click the Other tab.
  2. Make sure the General tab is selected, then check the box next to Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar (which is under the Start-up option). Note: In Outlook 2010, there is no General tab. Therefore you should be able to find the Start option as soon as you open the Options window.\
  3. Click Ok to save the changes that you have made. Done. And Outlook is now configured to manage all the email, contacts and calendars you use.

Tips: If none of the above methods can solve the problem for you, we recommend using the Reimage Repair Tool that can scan repositories to replace damaged and missing files. This works in many cases, where the problem originated because of a corruption system. Reimage can also further optimize your email system to get maximum performance.

That was our discussion about setting outlook email to manage our email accounts on Windows computers and Mac devices from Apple. These methods can be used for those of you who use Microsoft Outlook 2016 and others. Hopefully this article can be a reference for you.