Internet Security Firewall: 5 of the Best Mac Antivirus Software

Internet Security Firewall: 5 of the Best Mac Antivirus Software – Mac Antivirus is different from PC Antivirus. Traditional “viruses” are not too much of a problem for Macs, unlike for Windows, and as such, Mac antivirus must provide value by fighting other types of malware that are only found on Macs. Here are the factors that I used to make this list:

  1. Real-time antivirus protection. I test every program’s real-time machine with a series of viruses, adware, ransomware and other common types of malware, and I guarantee that the antivirus on my top 5 list is capable of handling real-time threats, even the most sophisticated ones.
  2. Scanning for viruses and malware. I installed some of the most dangerous malware on Mac before running all of these scans – only software that can detect and remove those threats that escapes and goes into this list.
  3. Ease of use. I download each program to ensure that the program is simple to install, has an intuitive user interface, and has good customer support.
  4. Additional features. The best antivirus software should offer more than just the basics, so that I can keep my device performing optimally and keep my data 100% safe. I have rated every antivirus in terms of additional tools, such as garbage cleaners, VPNs and identity theft protection.
  5. Value. I want the best product that is worth the money I spent. Every software on this list offers great features and high performance at competitive prices.

1. Intego – The Best Mac Antivirus Overall in 2020

Intego, which is designed specifically for Mac, has a variety of cybersecurity features and Mac optimization – as well as quality that is well worth the price. Intego complete package, Mac Premium Bundle X9, equipped with:

  • Virus and malware protection.
  • Internet security.
  • Parental control.
  • Mac optimization tool.
  • Backup tool.

Intego cybersecurity tools include VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, both of which are very easy to use and offer high-quality real-time protection against malware and hackers. VirusBarrier Scanner detected 100% of malware files on my device during testing. The initial scan takes a long time, but I am happy because the next scan is much faster, thanks to file caching technology that skips files that have been previously scanned. Intego’s advanced firewall feature, NetBarrier, blocks hackers from accessing my data when I use public Wi-Fi.

My friend’s Macbook was hacked while working in an internet cafe, and all the data was lost. We both now use NetBarrier to protect personal data every time we use public Wi-Fi. I’m very impressed with Personal Backup – it’s like Apple’s Time Machine, but even better. Using Personal Backup, I back up all of my Mac’s contents (including my OS X) and quickly load all the files to my other computer. I also really like the Washing Machine feature, which returns almost 3 GB of space on my hard drive. And the “Organize” function of the Washing Machine organizes my entire Mac in seconds, so that files can be placed in easily found folders. Intego also has powerful parental control – a feature called “ContentBarrier”. Installing ContentBarrier at first might be a bit complicated, but once installed, it becomes a powerful tool for blocking malicious sites, tracking keystrokes, and receiving alerts if online predators communicate with your children.

The point:

Overall, Intego is the best antivirus for the majority of Mac users. As we saw in our Intego review, it offers a variety of amazing features that are specifically designed for macOS devices – with strong virus and malware protection – and are of very high quality. I prefer that Intego offers VPN and improved parental control but, in my opinion, advanced features such as Personal Backup and Washing Machine make the complete Intego package the best Mac antivirus software package.

2. Airo AV – The Best Lightweight Software

Airo AV – The Best Lightweight Software Less is even more when it comes to the Airo AV antivirus application. Designed specifically for Mac, like Intego, this software is very lightweight but still offers strong antivirus protection. I like the design which is very minimalist and how it is very easy to use. It is perfect, both for experienced users and those who are less tech savvy who only want antivirus software without fancy features. Airo AV software comes with:

  • Light antivirus protection.
  • Minimalistic interface and easy to use.
  • Detection of threats based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Browser security extension.

When I compare it with heavy programs like Norton and Intego, the Airo AV virus scanner only consumes a little bit of my Mac’s CPU power – this is very beneficial for me, because I have used many CPU-wasteful applications on Mac, including game applications and editing software the video. Airo AV is empowered by artificial intelligence and uses machine learning algorithms to destroy threats before they attack Mac. He carries a 100% detection rate in all SafetyDetectives tests, which you can read more about in our full review. When I ran a similar test, it completely protected my Mac from ransomware, crypto-jacking malware, and spyware – all of which are difficult for most basic antivirus programs to detect. The Airo Web Guardian browser extension protects against dangerous downloads, pop-ups, and phishing links that appear in search results. During my test, he even detected a number of phishing links that were disguised very well. Although this software is well-designed and targets various threats, the price is a little expensive (but Airo AV discounts are available on this page) – mainly because it doesn’t have additional features such as Mac and VPN cleaning tools, unlike MacKeeper and TotalAV.

The point:

Overall, Airo AV is classified as a great antivirus software. It is lightweight, well designed, and highly qualified to protect Macs from various malware. For the future, I want to see some additional features such as VPN. I also think that the software offers not as much as other brands with more features. However, I believe this software is suitable for people who want a lightweight, non-wasteful antivirus that guarantees 100% malware protection.

3. TotalAV – Best in Terms of Ease of Use

TotalAV – Best in Ease of Use TotalAV combines antivirus with internet security and Mac optimization tools. However, there is one thing that distinguishes TotalAV from its competitors – its ease of use. TotalAV combines all features into one easy-to-navigate dashboard – perfect for tech-savvy people. I like the TotalAV dashboard because it doesn’t mess up my desktop. TotalAV is equipped with:

  • Antivirus scanner (100% detection).
  • A variety of Mac optimization tools.
  • VPN (with unlimited data).
  • Integrated password manager.
  • Ad blocker.

This software also includes real-time malware protection. The only disadvantage it has is the extra cost for VPN – it should include part of all packages, such as Norton and MacKeeper. Quite a lot of optimization tools available for Mac, including junk file eraser, startup program manager, and Browser Manager. With the startup program manager, I am able to remove programs that slow down my Mac’s startup time – so that it can be saved at least 30 seconds during the launch phase, which makes me very happy! Although TotalAV does have a firewall, it is far from as sophisticated as the Intego firewall feature. It has no additional controls and functionality that Intego Firewall (known as NetBarrier) offers to users. TotalAV does offer other additional features such as an integrated password manager and ad blocker for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The password manager and ad blocker are okay – you can read about all the features in our full review. However, there are additional costs, while other companies offer them for download for free.

The point:

TotalAV is very easy to navigate and has a good set of Mac security and optimization features. I really like the Mac optimization tool, but other features like integrated firewall don’t work, and neither does Intego. The price of TotalAV is okay, but I don’t like having to pay more for a number of features, including password manager, ad blocker, and VPN.

4. Norton – Best in terms of browser extensions

Norton – Best in terms of browser extensions Norton 360 package offers a variety of tools for Mac, including:

  • Antivirus scanner (100% detection).
  • Internet security browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Password manager.
  • VPN (with unlimited data).
  • Mac cleaning tool.

Norton browser extensions include Safe Web, Safe Search, and Norton Password Manager. Safe Web helps to block access to phishing sites – fake copies of popular websites that hackers use to steal information. Safe Search reduces the number of bad links that appear in my search results – this is very important because in my day I usually use Google at least 100 times. The Norton Password Manager browser extension makes it very easy to save passwords and login data – so that I can speed up my daily routine to enter more than 50 sites. Norton also offers unlimited VPN. Even though the VPN is good, there are some server locations and content that I didn’t see. There is also a basic Mac cleaning tool. The Mac cleaning scan takes longer than the Intego Washing Machine. However, its performance is quite good in detecting and deleting junk files from my Mac, so it can free up much needed hard drive space. While offering a variety of good features, the Norton dashboard displays features that don’t work on Mac, including parental controls and Cloud Backup – which is annoying. I feel that the Norton software for Mac is only a limited version of the software for the PC. Features for Mac are not equivalent to Intego – which includes all features not offered by Norton for Mac software, such as backup tools and parental controls.

The point:

Overall, Norton for Mac is pretty good. I prefer that the software doesn’t display features that don’t run on Mac. But, Norton really excels with its range of browser extensions, which are discussed in more depth in our full Norton review. I like how Secure VPN is unlimited, but I don’t like how some of its content is still blocked. The price of each 360 package is reasonable. But I prefer Intego, because it is specifically designed for Mac users – not just a limited Mac version of PC software. Norton is ideal if you need to use multiple devices – Mac, Windows, Android, iOS – but if you only have a Mac, there are better choices on the market.

5. MacKeeper – Best in Terms of Internet Security Features

MacKeeper – Best in Terms of Internet Security Features In addition to a series of Mac optimization tools, MacKeeper is empowered with exceptional internet security features, including:

  • VPN Private Connect. Unlimited VPN with a decent speed. Included in all MacKeeper packages. Suitable for secure streaming.
  • StopAd. Very useful ad blocker and tracking link. He blocked more than 20 advertisements and stopped 15 website attempts to track my internet activity in less than 5 minutes.
  • ID Theft Guard. Scan my email addresses and find one of them leaked due to massive data breach!

The MacKeeper antivirus scanner is only basic – it is not as comprehensive as Intego and Airo AV. I cannot schedule a scan or view a scan log beforehand, so it is difficult to ascertain whether all my documents have been checked to detect malware. In addition, MacKeeper does not have a firewall, so I have to rely on other software to keep my Mac protected against external threats. The MacKeeper package is reasonably priced – especially because you don’t need to pay more for additional features, such as VPNs, ad blockers, or identity theft tools. MacKeeper also features excellent customer support, with an integrated live chat function that allows me to talk with a representative agent almost instantly to solve any problem.

The point:

Overall, I like MacKeeper. I really like the layout, and it has many features that you don’t need to pay more to access, such as VPN and Theft Guard ID – which we discuss in our in-depth MacKeeper review. I prefer that MacKeeper includes a firewall in its software and increases the functionality of an antivirus scanner, something very basic compared to other antivirus scanners, such as Intego and Airo AV. Regarding the price, MacKeeper price is quite reasonable – not as cheap as other brands, but the quality is still quite comparable to the price.