Internet Security Firewall: 6 Recommended Xiaomi Phones for the Latest Games

Internet Security Firewall: 6 Recommended Xiaomi Phones for the Latest Games – Various Xiaomi phones are indeed very many functions. There are cameras that rival DSLRs, there are also mobile phones that come with a nice stylish screen to be used to watch movies. Then, there are also Xiaomi product lines that are devoted to playing games. Yes, there is already a series called Black Shark that comes with a powerful chipset and offers the most stunning graphics.
When it comes to technical specs, there are also plenty of other premium HPs that come with a good chipset. However, as a gaming product, Black Shark phones are also supported by software and hardware features that increasingly optimize in-game performance.
1. Black Shark 3 Pro
One of the Xiaomi mobile phones specifically the most recently released game is the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro. Of course about the performance does not need to be asked again with the Snapdragon 865 chipset that it carries. This chipset comes with an Adreno 650 graphics processor and is supported with a large RAM variant, between 8 GB and 12 GB.
The ability of this HP’s performance has also been proven by the magnitude of the score he got on the AnTuTu benchmark of 620952. This score really puts the Black Shark 3 Pro as a gaming HP with top-level performance. Not only that, this HP is also equipped with a super large capacity battery, which is 5000 mAh.
And, this battery can be charged up to 100% in a short time, which is 38 minutes thanks to fast charging 65 W.
Uniquely, there are pop-up buttons that can be raised and re-entered via the menu. This button functions just like the L and R buttons on the gamepad, and is reserved for holding up to a million clicks. There is also a voice control feature if you want to perform several commands such as reloading or crawling and so on. Playing PUBG Mobile will definitely be more exciting!
The Black Shark 3 Pro screen has an AMOLED panel with a 7.1-inch screen size and 19.5: 9 ratio. This screen is more pleasing to the eye thanks to a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a 270 Hz sampling rate that it carries. In addition, this screen is also at a resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels – larger than its non-Pro variant.
2. Black Shark 3
Furthermore, there is the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 which is an even cheaper version of the Pro variant. Don’t worry about a significant decrease in performance, this regular variant is also equipped with the same chipset that is the Snapdragon 865. This chipset is the most recent when this HP was released. This phone has an AnTuTu benchmark score of 612651, a little smaller than its “big brother”.
There are a number of feature reductions that aren’t really worth worrying about. For example, this cellphone does not have a pop-up button like the Pro variant. But this can be easily overcome by buying a gamepad.
The battery also slightly dropped to just 4720 mAh, but still has the same amount of fast charging 65 W – exceptions to the 128/8 GB variant which is only 30 W.
In terms of screen, the change that occurs lies in its size which is now 6.67 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Apart from that, you can still experience a more impressive gaming experience, just like when you use the Pro variant.
3. Black Shark 2 Pro
A year before series 3 of Black Shark was released, there was the Black Shark 2 series that still offered top-class performance specifically playing games. For the size of a 2019 HP output, specifications and features really able to compete with the latest high-end HP from any brand.
In terms of runway kitchens, this HP is still using Snapdragon 855 Plus but this is really reasonable for the 2019 HP output. Meanwhile, there are various RAM and internal memory variants available – from the lowest of 128/8 GB to 256/12 GB.
Because the screen is the main determining factor in the gaming experience, Black Shark 2 Pro has presented an AMOLED screen with a size of 6.39 inches. This screen also carries a 240 Hz sampling rate, the same as its successor series.
Of course a special cellphone game should also not forget the aspect of battery life. That is why this Chinese brand embeds a 4000 mAh battery in the HP body. Although the type of battery is still Li-Ion, this capacity is supported by fast power charging of 27 W.
For those of you who might not want to pay too much for the series 3, you can consider Black Shark 2 Pro, which is priced more affordable but with performance that remains unmatched.
4. Black Shark 2
If you think Black Shark 2 Pro is still expensive, consider the regular variant. With a difference of approximately Rp. 1 million, you can still feel the pleasure of playing HP games with excellent performance.
He brought Snapdragon 855 so that he won the AnTuTu benchmark score which was only slightly smaller, namely 367949 than the Pro variant with a score of 472291.
Another difference lies in the number of internal memory and RAM variants to choose from and the version of UFS it has. Black Shark 2 is only equipped with UFS 2.1 internal memory which has a smaller read-write speed compared to UFS 3.0 which is carried by the Pro variant.
Even so, all the specifications and other features remain more or less the same. It still comes with a 4000 mAh battery with a 27 W fast charging capability with a screen size of 6.39 inches with the same sampling rate, which is 240 Hz.
5. Black Shark Helo
There is another special Xiaomi Black Shark cellphone game output in 2018 that is still worth a try. One of the advantages of buying an old HP flagship is that the price has dropped compared to the time of release. The Black Shark variant discussed now is given the name Xiaomi Black Shark Helo.
In a way, this is the “Pro” version of the first generation Black Shark series. It has a few minor improvements compared to the usual Black Shark. Do not be fooled by the old school year of release, the Snapdragon 845 chipset that is carried even has the equivalent or more performance of some high-end HP in 2020.
Based on the reviews given by Giztechreview, Xiaomi Black Shark Helo has an AnTuTu score of around 290000. Accompanied by a long-lasting battery of 4000 mAh, you can play any heavy game smoothly without draining too much battery.
Giztechreview’s review also revealed that when the battery is at 85%, the battery is only reduced by 65% after being used to play PUBG Mobile for 60 minutes. And, this battery is equipped with 18 W. fast charging
6. Black Shark
This is the first generation Xiaomi Black Shark HP model that was launched in April 2018. As the first Xiaomi gaming HP, Xiaomi had shocked many people at that time, because before Xiaomi it had never issued a special mobile game with features and specs this capable.
Of course as an ordinary variant he was provided with a spec under Helo. While all the other phones on the list already use AMOLED screens, they still use IPS LCD panels (measuring 5.99 inches) which are commonly found on entry-level HPs.
Compared to Helo, it has a slightly different body design. For example, the dual configuration of the camera is made horizontally parallel to the right rear body. Then, instead of behind like Helio, the fingerprint scanner is on the screen.
So does the kitchen spur have drastic differences? Reporting from Unite4Buy, this HP pocketed AnTuTu score of 270680 while Helo was on it, which is 293280. So for those of you who might want to have better performance with a price difference that is not too large, you should choose Helo.
Even so, the difference in performance isn’t that big and it has the same chipset as Helo, the Snapdragon 845. It is only equipped with a maximum of 8 GB RAM (maximum Helo RAM is 10 GB), but this number alone is sufficient to maintain the gaming experience You keep it stable.