Internet Security Firewall: 7+ Best Android Anti Virus Applications

Internet Security Firewall: 7+ Best Android Anti Virus Applications – Maybe, it is not uncommon for some Android smartphone users to worry that their sophisticated mobile phones will be attacked by a virus that can cause damage to the software, even worse if it loses data or the data is just stolen by irresponsible people. However, you can solve problems like this by using an anti-virus application on your Android smartphone.
1. Antivirus Free 2019
Antivirus Free 2019 is an application that is practically very complete and safe. Here, you can always scan for viruses on the HP 24/7 alias anytime, anywhere. With regular virus cleaning, you can be free from viruses that can harm your cell phone. In addition to removing and scanning for viruses, you can also clean up “junk” so that your cell phone is not too heavy and can work optimally.
Not only that, even Antivirus Free 2019 is equipped with a speed booster feature and a notification cleaner. Well, the function of the notification cleaner is to remind you if you forget to clean viruses and cache junk on your cellphone.
2. 360 Security
Has been downloaded and trusted by more than 16 million downloaders on PlayStore, this one of the best anti-virus applications comes with the name 360 Security. In its application, 360 Security guarantees security for users to avoid virus attacks that could have landed on your cellphone.
360 Security also features an effective Speed Booster and Cleaner-Lacking feature that guarantees to remove caches and junk files. It’s easy enough to do, just one click and all will be clean without caches and junk files that will burden the HP.
Not only that, even the 360 Security application offers the Smart Battery Saver-Battery feature where users don’t have to worry about running out of excess battery due to the use of the 360 Security application.
3. Avira Antivirus Security 2019
Avira Antivirus Security 2019, an application that you can rely on to protect your cell phone. This application offers security for all data on your Android smartphone. Whether it’s data in the form of photos, videos, notes, and even contacts in the cell phone.
Avira Antivirus Security 2019 will protect your smartphone from viruses such as spyware and malware. However, if you have already lost data, Avira Antivirus Security 2018 will also help track the whereabouts of the lost data because it is not uncommon for viruses to attack HP but the data becomes scattered in other folders.
The application that is carried by the AVIRA developer will even show and give a notification if there is an application that has the potential to have a virus. Avira Antivirus Security 2019 application is available free and there are also paid.
4. Avast Antivirus
Promising security and protecting your cell phone from viruses that will interfere with the performance of your Android smartphone, the Avast Antivirus 2018 application will also automatically scan when you are surfing the internet.
This is done so that users of the Avast Antivirus application will not be attacked by any viruses, whether malware or Trojans. In fact, the features embedded in this application are also capable of detecting your cellphone thief you know.
With the Anti-Theft feature, Avast Antivirus will silently take pictures and also record the thief’s voice when your cellphone suddenly changes the SIM Card.
5. AVG AntiVirus 2019
Maybe this one application is more famous for anti-virus on laptops as well as computers. But in reality you can also enjoy security and avoid viruses by using AVG on your cellphone too. and, good news that this application is indeed not paid or free.
The features installed in this one application that is scanning all the things that are on your cell phone, ranging from files and even all the applications on a smartphone. AVG AntiVirus 2019 will detect all viruses that are both already in the cellphone or that are trying to enter to attack your cellphone.
Not only scanning files and applications, AVG AntiVirus 2019 will also guarantee security when users enjoy surfing the internet. AVG will scan which websites have potential viruses. Fairly safe and practical.
6. Bitdefender
Present as an anti-virus application that is lightweight but still safe. Bitdefender offers security by scanning the cellphone of its application users to detect viruses that are likely to be lodged in smartphones.
Not only that, Bitdefender also claims to be able to find and remove viruses 99%. Even Bitdefender has prepared a feature where users do not need to worry about running out of battery and ROM and RAM capacity, the article of this application will work fast also optimally without spending everything on the HP.
7. Security Master
It’s still a safe and free anti-virus application. Security Master, an application that will guarantee that your HP is protected from viruses that cause damage to your cellphone. This application has been trusted and downloaded more than 22 million Android users.
The Intelligently Detecting feature, Antivirus Master will help you find nested viruses and try to attack your Android smartphone. In addition, the Security Master also features the Junk Clean Master – Keep it Clean feature to keep the HP clean.
8. Web Security Space
Available for free for a 14-day trial period, after which you can pay $ 9.99 per year or if paid about 1.3 million per year. The Dr.Web Security Space application will always scan the files on your cell phone as well as the applications that are used.
Dr.Web Security Space will also reveal the presence of a virus that attacks HP even before the virus attacks, Dr.Web Security Space will detect it for you. Classified as a lightweight application, Dr.Web Security Space relies on low battery capacity for its use.
9. Kaspersky
the other best anti virus application comes with the name Kaspersky. This application is also supported by features that will certainly detect the presence of viruses. Kaspersky will detect with the background check feature to find out the position of viruses that exist.
Not only detect it, even your cell phone will be protected with the Antivirus Protection feature. Features to track the whereabouts of mobile phones are also installed on this application made by Kaspersky Lab.
10. Lookout
Lookout application can be enjoyed by Android users and certainly to protect your Android. This application offers a number of convenience and security for your mobile. In its features, the Lookout application will always do a continuous scan to always make sure your HP is clean of viruses.
In addition, the feature to find the whereabouts of the lost cellphone was pinned by the developer of the application maker. No need to worry about losing all data, the article Lookout will backup data on your cell phone.
11. Mobile Security
Last but not least, maybe this application is also better known for existing anti-virus on a PC. Mobile Security is an application that is equipped with a scanning feature to search for viruses that may be lodged in HP.
Mobile Security will scan even the web files that you visit. Automatically, Mobile Security will block websites that have the potential to have a virus. Even when you are cool using Wi-Fi this application will also keep you from viruses.
12. Cache Cleaner-DU
Noted, the Cache Cleaner-DU application has been downloaded by more than 12 million times on the PlayStore. Not only that, most users also feel very satisfied with this application made by DU APPS STUDIO. How not, in this application your Android HP will be guaranteed security from virus attacks that attack HP software.
Here, there are also various other features besides being an anti-virus. What are they? Some of them are Phone Boost & Memory Boost, Junk File Cleaner, Network Boost, CPU Cooler, Apps Manager, AppLock, and many more.
13. Antivirus Free
In accordance with the name of the application, this is the HP security from viruses that you can download for free. Is Antivirus Free, where users will be guaranteed that their Android mobile will not be affected by viruses. In fact, if there is a virus that is ready to attack then Antivirus Free will always be ready to provide notification and immediately delete.
14. Mobile Security & Antivirus
Want your Android phone away from viruses? Or do you need an application that can remove viruses and prevent viruses from coming? Well, the right choice if you download the Mobile Security & Antivirus application. This is an application that not only locks your cell phone, but is also ready to protect your cell phone from virus threats.
Here, Mobile Security & Antivirus will scan the cellphone and be able to find a virus that is lodged in the cell phone, if there is a virus. Viruses such as malware can be prevented by scanning using the Mobile Security & Antivirus application.
15. Antivirus & cleaner
One more application that we recommend to secure your cell phone from viruses, this time the application is called Antivirus & cleaner. With this application, you can protect your Android phone from viruses such as Malware or Spyware. Special again, this application is also ready to protect your Android phone from the possibility of data loss due to a nested virus.