Internet Security Firewall: 8 Ways To Protect Whatsapp From Hackers

Internet Security Firewall: 8 Ways To Protect Whatsapp From Hackers – With more than 1 billion users, the social networking site WhatsApp is not always safe from hacking.
As a result of this hacking itself can be dangerous for users. The reason is, messages and personal data can be exposed by hacking user accounts.
To avoid these unwanted things, here are some ways to protect WhatsApp from ignorant hackers:
1. Use a third-party locking application
WhatsApp does not provide a security method when the user will open the application. But there are third party applications that offer more security when opening WhatsApp.
By using the locking application, later when the user will open WhatsApp, will be asked to enter the pin code or pattern first, so that not just anyone can open the application except the owner himself.
2. Use Two-step Verification
Two-step Verification is useful for protecting the account when opening from a new cell phone.
With this feature the user will be asked to enter the pin when they want to open their WhatsApp account on a new cellphone.
Users can activate this feature on WhatsApp by opening Settings -> Account -> Two-step Verification
3. Check the encryption code in a private conversation
To determine whether the chat content is encrypted, the user can check the encryption code manually.
By opening the profile of the other person, the user can enter the Encryption menu where there are 40 numeric codes and QR codes.
In the second chat, the user will have 40 codes and the same QR code. This shows that the chat content is encrypted safely.
4. Turn on security notifications
To increase security, users can turn on security notifications. Later users will get a notification if their account is opened in other devices, both laptops, PCs and other mobile phones.
Users will also get notifications if the security codes change.
5. No need to backup chat content to the cloud
The contents of the chat in WhatsApp are of course encrypted which means WhatsApp and other third parties cannot access the contents of the chat.
Usually users will backup the entire contents of the chat into the cloud provided by Google Drive or iCloud.
It is recommended for users not to backup the chat content to the cloud because the chat content file is not encrypted by WhatsApp, so it will be easier to hack.
6. Beware of fake links
Often via SMS, users get a message saying their WhatsApp account has expired or cannot be reactivated.
Users are expected to not trust the message let alone press the link contained in the message, because it could have contained the virus in the link.
7. Use the official WhatsApp application for the desktop version
One of the biggest problems faced by WhatsApp is users who use the unofficial WhatsApp Desktop application. Thus, data about user accounts can be retrieved by hackers.
8. Set privacy issues on WhatsApp
The system of adding contacts on WhatsApp can be done simply by adding a mobile number. That way, other people can easily contact the user.
However, users are advised to protect their personal data such as photos from other unknown users by activating personal info that can later be seen by the user’s contacts / friends.