Internet Security Firewall: Best Asus Laptop Recommendations

Internet Security Firewall: 10 Best Asus Laptop Recommendations – ASUS is a popular brand with a large market share for laptop sales in Indonesia. ASUS laptop itself has various variants for users with high mobility, standard requirements, and so on. This might be confusing for some users.

Check out the following article so as not to choose the wrong ASUS laptop. We will describe how to choose an ASUS laptop for different purposes. We will also recommend the best ASUS laptops from various series, such as VivoBook, TransBook, ZenBook, and gaming series.

ASUS offers a very wide range of laptop models, ranging from compact to high specifications. ASUS also offers a variety of products related to gaming so that the choice of gaming laptops is diverse. Especially for those of you who want to feel the fun of playing games on a laptop, ASUS is the best choice.

There are three choices of gaming series and laptop models with high specifications, but have good price efficiency. The very interesting thing about ASUS is that you can buy high-performance laptops at affordable prices.

How to choose an ASUS laptop

Now, we will explain how to choose the right ASUS laptop as a guide. Let’s look further so you can find products according to your needs.

ASUS brand laptops are sold in various variants to meet user needs. Let’s narrow down the choice of a suitable laptop for you by considering the intended use.

VivoBook series for light usage such as browsing and typing

If you want a lightweight laptop at an economical price, we recommend the Vivobook series. There is an S type that is easy to carry, a type that measures 15.6 inches, and a Flip type that can be used like a tablet.

Because this product is designed and sold for everyday use, the VivoBook series is the best choice for lightweight computing. Those of you who are daily using the internet, e-mail, or using Office software will fit into this series.

TransBook series if you want to use it as a tablet too

We recommend the TransBook series if you are looking for a laptop that can function as a tablet too. The price is indeed quite expensive, but has a higher performance than the VivoBook series because it uses a Core i processor.

If you remove the keyboard and turn it into a tablet, you can operate it by touch on the screen. Some of these series have also been equipped with touch pens. So, you will be helped if you need to write a letter by hand or when drawing illustrations.

The high-performance ZenBook series is suitable for image or video editing

If you are looking for a high-performance, easy-to-carry laptop that can edit videos well, we recommend the ZenBook series. This series already uses Core i and is equipped with a high resolution display. That’s what makes this series quite popular throughout the world.

Zenbook’s ability to edit pictures and videos makes this series very interesting. This is difficult to do except by special laptops for work purposes. In addition, this series laptops can be used to surf the internet while playing online games.

FX, TUF or ROG series for gaming

Choose a gaming series if you are looking for a laptop to play games. Broadly speaking, there are three types of gaming laptops. However, there is a choice of specifications based on the needs of the game you want to play. For example, the specifications required for the game are high or low, and will often be taken away or not.

We recommend the FX type if the game you want to play is relatively light. Type FX is an entry level model of the gaming series. Of the three types, this type is the most economical price because it uses minimal graphics. However, if you often carry a traveling laptop, choose the type of TUF that is tougher. For performance, the TUF type is at the middle level.

Meanwhile, choose the type of ROG so that the game with heavy specifications can run smoothly. ROG uses a monitor with a high refresh rate and GPU (graphics processing unit). This makes ROG also ideal for doing heavy work like editing videos.

Tips. When you have determined the series to be used, choose the screen size and weight that is right for you. This will be different depending on whether you want to wear it at home or take it outside the house.

Screen sizes of 12 inches to 14 inches are comfortable to carry anywhere

The 12-14 inch screen has a size that is comfortable to look at and carry around. This size is equivalent to B5 size paper. In fact, ASUS laptops that are popular and easy to carry are generally 14 inches or less. In addition, we recommend that you choose an ASUS laptop that is compatible with Full HD (high resolution) display.

If laptops are rarely carried with limited use at home or in the office, choose the ZenBook series or the gaming series. ASUS sells laptops measuring 15.6 inches and also 17.3 inches. You should choose a laptop of this size if you have low mobility.

Choose with a total weight of 1 kg if often carried

If you often carry and use a laptop outside, we recommend a laptop weighing around 1 kg. If you want a laptop weighing 1 kg or less, choose the VivoBook or TransBook series. Choose the lightest weight from the series that suits your use.

Laptops that are too heavy will make it difficult for you to move even when at home. For that, we recommend a laptop weighing around 2 kg. Another thing you need to pay attention to besides the weight of the laptop is the size and weight of the AC adapter or laptop charger. That way, you will be easier when taking it outside.

Tips. ASUS has unique models and innovations that cannot be found in other brands. If you often use a laptop for a long time, consider these two features offered by ASUS.

ErgoLift hinged model (ErgoLift hinge) for more comfortable typing

Consider the ErgoLift hinged laptop model if you want to use a laptop for a long time. Models that use ErgoLift hinges usually have a flatter keyboard surface. So, you will be more comfortable when typing compared to other models.

You can open the laptop screen up to 143° so you can easily adjust it to your point of view. If you like to work for a long time, consider the ErgoLift hinged laptop model as an option.

Models with NumberPad make it easy to enter multiple numbers

If you are looking for a laptop with a numeric keypad to make it easier to enter numbers, choose a laptop that has a NumberPad function. NumberPad is a numeric keypad found on the touch pad. This interesting innovation puts a numeric keypad on the touch pad so that the limited size of the laptop is not a problem.

Of course the touch pad you can still use as usual. Surely this model is ideal for those of you who often enter numbers in Excel or other programs. For those of you who are looking for a compact laptop, but already have a numeric keypad will also work well with a laptop like this.

You can choose an ASUS laptop according to your needs at the right price and performance as needed. Also do a comparison between one laptop and our other ASUS laptops. Choosing the right ASUS product can certainly support your needs.