Internet Security Firewall: How to deal with 6 Types of Computer Viruses

Internet Security Firewall: How to deal with 6 Types of Computer Viruses – If your computer starts to show a decrease in performance, it could be caused by a virus lodged in the computer. A computer virus can be said as a computer program that copies itself, then inserts a copy of itself into another program or document on a computer system. This is what damages the computer system.
Therefore, it is important for you to know the various types of computer viruses in order to be able to do certain ways to prevent or overcome them. Here are some of them!


Actually the Worm virus is not too dangerous. However, if left unchecked, it has the ability to multiply rapidly, causing your computer’s memory and hard drive to become full. Usually this type of computer virus infects computers that are connected to the internet and have email. As a way to overcome this, you are advised to be diligent in scanning computers using the Avast Antivirus program.


Just like the Worm, Trojan viruses also generally attack computers connected to the internet and via e-mail received by users. This type of computer virus will control even steal data that is on your computer. The goal is of course to get information from the target, such as passwords and log systems. To overcome the Trojan virus, you can try using a software called Trojan Remover.


An abbreviation for File Allocation Table (FAT), this one type of computer virus is destructive to files at certain storage. If any of your files are affected by this virus, then the file will be hidden by a virus so as if the file disappears. So, if any of your files suddenly disappear, it could be the cause is this FAT virus. Routinely use antivirus to deal with this type of virus.


The target of the resident virus memory is more specific because it was created to infect your computer’s RAM memory. The effect, your computer’s performance will be very slow and usually this virus will also infect computer programs. Usually this type of virus will be activated automatically when your computer is turned on. So that the memory resident of this virus can be overcome, you can install an antivirus such as Smadav or Avast on your computer.


This type of computer virus tends to attack macro files such as .pps, .xls, and .docm. Generally, macro viruses often come through e-mails that we receive. So, to avoid macro viruses, you are advised to be more vigilant and try your best to avoid foreign messages coming into e-mail. Don’t press the link that you get from a foreign sender. Then, make sure you also diligently do a computer scan with an antivirus program.


Hiding in RAM, multipartite viruses usually attack the operating system in certain programs. If left unchecked, this type of computer virus can spread to the hard drive so that it will attack the computer quickly. The effect, of course, disturbs the performance of your computer’s RAM and hard disk. Sometimes even some applications will not be able to be opened due to multipartite virus. For how to fix this, defrag your hard disk and scan the computer with antivirus regularly.
Those are some types of computer viruses that commonly attack your device. Although the types are different, actually one of the keys to overcome them is to routinely carry out computer scans using antivirus software. That way, the presence of the virus can be detected early so as to prevent things that are not desirable.