Internet Security Firewall: Strengths and Weaknesses of Huawei P40 Pro

Internet Security Firewall: Strengths and Weaknesses of Huawei P40 Pro – Huawei is one of the most melanglangbuana HP brands to date. Seen from the advanced features and a myriad of advantages offered by HP flagship output – Huawei P40.
This cell phone is a continuation of the Huawei P30 Pro which is also quite the center of attention because of the fantastic camera performance. So this time, what do you think is the P40 series advantage?
Comes with the usual variants, Pro and Pro +, this time Caris Signal will reveal various advantages and disadvantages of the Huawei P40 Pro which has a level of specs between the two other variants. Instead of curious, just check the following.
1. Stunning Curved Body Design
Various latest Huawei cellphone output is always attached with the appearance of a charming body design. This is certainly no exception for the Huawei P40 Pro. At the front, the screen is seen filling the entire space neatly and curved at the sides.
This design not only makes it look modern, but it also feels good to hold. Especially if you remember that the frame is made of aluminum and in four corners it is sticking out – making it even stronger and looking cool.
2. Face Recognition Support
The less effort that needs to be exerted to unlock the cellphone, the better. But this is certainly without underestimating the security side. Therefore, Huawei P40 Pro comes with a face recognition feature that works very well, thanks to the front camera ToF (time of flight) that it presents.
The response was very fast and accurate. It’s also possible to unlock the cellphone screen even before you have a chance to touch the screen. No need to worry about security, its face detection sensor is very safe even for financial transaction verification. This sensor also works well in a variety of lighting, and still detects your face even in the dark.
3. OLED Screen Display and 90Hz Refresh Rate
The part of cellphone that you see most often is of course the screen. That is why this flagship HP is so popular, because the OLED screen that it is capable of producing accurate brightness and color and a clear display.
It also comes with a 90 Hz refresh rate while most other phones run at 60 Hz. This means that when you swipe or play games, switching from screen to screen can feel smoother. Seeing the screen for a long time also will not quickly make the eyes tired
4. Amazing Battery Performance
Of course everyone wants a battery that does not run out quickly. Do not worry, because the battery performance on the Huawei P40 Pro is amazing, coupled with a variety of other advantages that make it easy for you when charging. The capacity of the battery is 4,200 mAh and already supports the 40W fast charging feature. You only need to charge for 50 minutes from zero to 100%.
Meanwhile, there is also a wireless charging feature of 27W and you can also use the Huawei P40 Pro to charge other devices such as smartwatches or cellphones. Although the charging time is longer, at least you can avoid the possibility of short circuit when using a cable cable. Wireless charging is also useful so that the charging port on the cellphone is not easily damaged.
As an illustration, the duration of battery life when watching videos is very good, which is up to 18 hours. According to GSMArena, there is almost no difference in battery life even if you use a refresh rate of 90 Hz. This is really beneficial considering that HP generally consumes more power when using a higher refresh rate.
5. Has Complete Connectivity
Although we often only need one type of connectivity to connect HP with other devices, it doesn’t hurt to have various options. That’s what Huawei P40 Pro can offer with a myriad of types of connectivity it has.
Huawei P40 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.1, infrared, and also NFC, all of which can be used for various files easily. Especially for NFC which, although not everyone uses it, is quite useful to make the transaction process more practical and to fill e-Toll balances for those of you who have high mobility.
6. Good Camera Performance in All Conditions
We are in an era when anyone can become a photographer thanks to the camera features on an increasingly sophisticated cellphone. Moreover, Huawei is indeed a well-known brand with the latest photography specs on every HP flagship.
After gaining success with the Huawei P30, this Chinese brand has embedded even more fierce photography features. For specifications, there are four cameras on the back of the body with different resolutions and functions.
The main camera has a resolution of 50 MP with f / 1.9 aperture, 23mm accompanied by PDAF capability in all directions. This PDAF feature functions to auto-focus very quickly. There is also an OIS feature so you don’t need to worry about image shake when recording video. The main lens can also be used to record 4K video up to 60 fps.
The ability of PDAF and OIS is also present in the periscope lens which has a resolution of 12 MP. Which is quite astonishing, you can zoom up to 50 times with the sharpness of detail and color that is still quite awake.
For the third and fourth lenses, it has a resolution of 40 MP with an ultrawide function and a lens for the depth sensor to produce bokeh images. Don’t forget the front camera – there is a 32 MP main lens and a lens for the ToF sensor.
That was the camera specifications as a basic description. The advantage of this cellphone in the photography sector is how the quality of the results is very good for a variety of uses and conditions. Whether it’s a selfie, landscape photos, photos in the room, even to take objects that are too far away, all can be done well
Not only that, the night mode feature it has is also capable of taking photos in the dark with excellent lighting detail as if taken during the day. As an illustration, here is the night mode comparison between Huawei P40 Pro and OPPO Find X2 Pro.
Can be seen from the difference between the two, photos of women taken using the OPPO Find X2 Pro camera are still darker than the Huawei P40 Pro.
Even at first glance, it seems like people won’t immediately realize that the photo below was taken at night – both the subject and the background are better exposed. The ability of camera features also does not stop there. Here are various examples of Huawei P40 Pro cameras.
From the examples of the camera results above, it can be seen that the Huawei P40 Pro is able to take pictures both indoors and outdoors. The color contrast is quite visible and the details are well preserved.
7. Excellent Chipset Performance
Not Snapdragon or Exynos, Huawei P40 Pro uses Kirin 990 5G chipset which is still very good in running heavy games or playing high-resolution video.
The performance of this chipset is not the best of its class. Its performance is still slightly inferior to Snapdragon 865. But compared to Exynos 990, the performance of Kirin 990 5g is better. According to the Geekbench 5.1 benchmark results presented on the GSMArena page, Kirin 990 5G looks to have quite high performance.
Although the multi-core performance of the Huawei P40 Pro looks superior to the single core, these two numbers still can’t beat the OPPO Find X2 Pro that uses Snapdragon 865. Likewise, the iPhone 11 Max Pro looks superior to the others. But obviously the performance is higher than the Exynos 990 on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
After seeing some of the advantages earlier, maybe you immediately think you want to buy it. But, wait a minute. You should also note some of the shortcomings below so you don’t regret it.
1. There is no Google Play Services
For those of you who often follow the latest developments in the HP world, you may not be surprised by this fact. Yes, the Huawei brand does have problems with the United States government so that Huawei may no longer embed Google features in its products
As of this writing, Huawei is still permitted to use the Android operating system (using EMUI 10 based on Android 10). However, you will not find various services such as YouTube and GMail, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store. Instead, you can download several third applications from AppGallery or the Amazon App Store.
Some third applications can still be installed but there are times when you cannot open certain applications, especially applications that need to be connected to Google Play Services.
2. Disappointing 4K 60fps Video Recording Quality
The video recording quality of this HP rear camera is quite good. For example in recording 4K video at 30 fps. Unfortunately, in 4K 60 fps mode the results of the video are quite disappointing. At least, that was revealed by GSMArena. And for an upscale cellphone, this is clearly a drawback despite being minor.
3. There is no 3.5mm Jack
It should be recognized that the type of headphones that are still often used by Indonesians is a wired headset with 3.5 mm connectivity. That’s why it’s quite unfortunate that the Huawei P40 Pro isn’t compatible with this headset.
There are three solutions that can be used, namely using an adapter to connect to USB type-C, using a wireless headset, or using a headset that supports USB type-C connectivity.
However, not everyone likes a wireless headset because a Bluetooth connection consumes more power. Also, not everyone likes to carry adapters when traveling. Meanwhile, the headset option that supports USB type-C is not as much as a normal headset. For those of you who are comfortable with a headset that is owned, forced to have to buy a new one.
4. Unusual External Memory Support
It should be considered that the Huawei P40 Pro has an internal memory capacity of up to 256 GB. This capacity can be added with the support of a memory card, but unfortunately it is not an ordinary memory card.
Yes, you can only embed a Nano Memory card made by Huawei which has a size as small as a Nano SIM Card. Problems arise when you want to replace an old cellphone with a Huawei P40 Pro – your old memory card might be a waste.
Well, that was a variety of advantages and disadvantages of the Huawei P40 Pro that could be considered. It’s interesting if you can take pictures at night with good quality. In addition, there is no need to worry about late productivity due to low battery notifications thanks to battery performance and superior charging features.
However, the absence of the Google application feels very unfortunate. External memory support is also only compatible with Nano Memory cards, which means you are forced to have to buy a new card