Plum Ram 8 check specs smartphone android

Plum Ram 8: Specification Smartphone Android

Plum Ram 8: Spec Smartphone Android – Staying connected and leading an active lifestyle. For you, it’s a 24/7 proposition. That’s why there’s RAM 8. A simple, rugged little powerhouse that, rain or shine, will go as long as you do.

Far more than just a flip phone, ram 8 is our latest in a line of 3g devices constructed. Waterproof. Dustproof. Even rated ip68 certified military grade for protection against shock and water.

Concerts. Sporting events. Loud restaurants. Life can be noisy. With loud speaker of ram 8 you’ll never miss a word. Let alone a conversation.

Not only the ram 8 is easy to use but its programmable navigation keys allows one-touch access to any of the features like built-in fm radio that does not require a handsfree and plays through a loud speaker, also 5 mp camera or simple sos dedicated button that can be programmed to an emergency number of your choice, also a dedicated flash light button for your outdoor adventures.

Plum Phantom 2 is another smartphone that has been released with the notch display in the month of December 2018. It is an entry-level smartphone.

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This time MarrwahQu will provide the best smartphone review Plum Ram 8. All of the phones that we will review are high quality products in the price segment.

Plum Ram 8: Spec Phone Android

Ram 8 is packed with great features including a 5mp camera that can be programmed in a navigation key for an easy access.

Your life is your phone. Your phone is your life. That’s why plum ram 8 makes it simple. With large, tactile keypad and buttons for easy use with gloved hands and large fingers.

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Smartphone Plum Ram 8 Released 2019, October 22, internal memory capacity of 64GB 6GB RAM, 128GB 6GB RAM with the Android OS 10 platform. Following are the Plum Ram 8 smartphone details: